. How long does grief last?

.  Shouldn’t I be over my

   grief, it’s been over a year?


.  Am I ever going to feel

   like myself?


.  All of a sudden before I

   am aware, tears are

   running down my face.

.  People tell me that I

   shouldn’t be so angry!

.  I feel as though my friends

   are pulling away from me,

.  No one wants to hear me

   talk about my loved one.

.  How can I get through all

   of those special days?

.  I have never know this kind

   of pain before, I hurt so

   so much.

.  Sometimes I want to be

   with people but when I am

   I want to be alone.

.  I have never felt so alone.

.  I feel guilty when I go out

   and have a good  time.



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